Welcome to Sandhaug
Summer season 2021:  25th June - 12th September
Foto: Kari Merete Horne

Sandhaug is located in what is probably the closest you will ever come to the center of Hardangervidda. Suitable terrain for young and old makes it the ideal lodge for hiking in the area. In this magnificent area of mountains, with a near perfect view of the nature around, you might experience a seldom found feeling of peace. With Hårteigen to the west, Gaustadtoppen to the southeast and Hardangerjøkulen to the north, the horizon will always be crowded with the striking Norwegian nature.

About Hardangervidda


The lodge has 80 bunks in two-bunk, three-bunk and four.-bunk rooms, a larger room and a dormitory. The lodge has a diesel generator (230 VAC).

Summer access:

By car, on National Road 7 up the Hallingdal valley, past Geilo to Dyranut, and from there 10 km to a carpark at Tinnhølen. The hike in to Sandhaug takes about three hours. On Saturdays in the summer season, there's a DNT charter bus from Oslo to Dyranut. Alternatively, you can take a train on the Bergen Line to Geilo and a bus onward to Dyranut. From the west, take a bus from Kinsarvik to Dyranut. From Dyranut, it's an hour's hike to Bjoreidalshytta, and from there a five hour hike to Sandhaug.

Winter access:

There's bus service from Voss via Brimnes to Maurset. There's also a Nor-Way bus express from Oslo to Bergen via Brimnes. From Dyranut, there's a 24 km staked route to Sandhaug. East of Maurset, there's a 30 km staked route to Sandhaug

Hosts: Svein Arne Tyssebotn

Addres:  Hjølmavegen 18, 5784 Øvre Eidfjord

Phone:    Sandhaug:  91 76 62 25      

                  Svein Arne:  992 06 715                            

E-mail: sandhaug@dnt.no

Sandhaug is open during the Easter holiday and the summer season.  Closed Easter 2021. Due to the pandemic, everybody has to book their stay in advance.

Contact us to book your stay, and remember; as long as a DNT lodge is open, we will always make room for you!


Foto: Eivind Haugstad Kleiven